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Favorite Gluten-free recipes from October bon appetit

Food magazines are your porn. They feel like silk and smell like heaven. You’ve been caught many a time rubbing the inner pages of a Bon Appetit against your cheek (it has the softest paper) or breathing the scent from deep within a Saveur.

When you first went gluten-free, you didn’t panic thinking about all of the Christmas cookies you couldn’t bake. That ordering a pizza might out of the question – forever. That a buttery croissant melting on your tongue was a thing of the past. No, those things hardly phased you at all. In fact, you were excited. You were excited to feel better.

It wasn’t until several days later, when the latest issue of Food & Wine appeared in your mailbox, that you finally panicked. You panicked hard. Were you going to have to give up your beloved magazines? Would their gluten-filled pages, their articles on craft beers and recipes ending with “serve with a crusty French bread,” their heavy reliance on pasta and pies, roux and puff pastry, be too much for you to handle?

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