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Favorite Gluten-free recipes – October Food and Wine

There are some tasty looking gluten-free recipes in the October 2013 Food & Wine. Our favorite main dishes included the Four-Spice Duck Breast with Carrots and the Bratwurst with Mustardy Fried Potatoes and Braised Cabbage (can a recipe get any more fall than that?). The Coq au Riesling was listed as a staff favorite and we can’t wait to try it. Add coconut oil instead of butter and full-fat coconut cream instead of creme fraiche at the end if you’d like a dairy free version (though it will definitely change the flavor). It takes six hours to soak the rice in the Grilled Pork with Coconut Rice and Lemongrass Sambal, but it’s a nice change from the plain old rice that many a gluten-intolerant person eats day in, day out. Speaking of jazzed up rice, the Iberian Ham and Artichoke Rice might be just the ticket for a Spanish-themed GF dinner party. Continue reading