We aimed to be the last two people on earth to start a food blog but obviously failed under immense pressure from our parents many fans. We hope you will share your ideas, recipes, substitution tricks, epic murder-mystery parties, and X-Files trivia with us along the way.

We feel that life is enhanced exponentially by theme parties and that make-believe can be for adults too. We’re convinced that keeping food restrictions in mind while entertaining does not have to be a challenge. As long as there’s booze.

Thanks for visiting our corner of the interwebs, brought to you from our third floor Chicago apartment. Please keep your voice down while visiting – our landlords live below us and go to bed around eight. Oh, and just FYI, you have to hold the toilet handle down while flushing. And sometimes the hot water faucet kind of turns itself off mid-wash, so just be sure to turn it really far counter-clockwise, until water is literally splashing all over the front of your shirt.

About us:

Sarah is a fundraiser during the day and a writer and IBS sufferer at night (and in the mornings, middays, afternoons, and dusks). She wants you to know that this exists. Other than Matt, her one true love in life is quilting. So far she has (almost) completed 1 quilt.

Matt is a lovable computer programmer (yes, they exist) during the day and an amazing home cook at night who has intestines that work perfectly fine. Better than fine, if you know what I’m sayin. His most charming personality trait is how seriously he takes his morning coffee.

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