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Favorite Gluten-free recipes from October bon appetit

Food magazines are your porn. They feel like silk and smell like heaven. You’ve been caught many a time rubbing the inner pages of a Bon Appetit against your cheek (it has the softest paper) or breathing the scent from deep within a Saveur.

When you first went gluten-free, you didn’t panic thinking about all of the Christmas cookies you couldn’t bake. That ordering a pizza might out of the question – forever. That a buttery croissant melting on your tongue was a thing of the past. No, those things hardly phased you at all. In fact, you were excited. You were excited to feel better.

It wasn’t until several days later, when the latest issue of Food & Wine appeared in your mailbox, that you finally panicked. You panicked hard. Were you going to have to give up your beloved magazines? Would their gluten-filled pages, their articles on craft beers and recipes ending with “serve with a crusty French bread,” their heavy reliance on pasta and pies, roux and puff pastry, be too much for you to handle?

Then your bon appetit arrived, and your Martha Stewart Living, and, oh good lord, your Donna Hay. It’s not worth it! you cried. You could see yourself breaking down. Reaching for that cookie recipe…

Then, sitting in front of the television one night, you picked up one of the magazines without thinking and began absent-mindedly flipping through its pages. Nothing really jumped out at you until you reached a picture of a beautiful pork roast served with potatoes. Hey, you thought, I can make that. Then there was a recipe for creme brulee. Granitas. Ice cream. Roasted fruit. Homemade marshmallows. A fennel salad. Page after page of recipes you could make and eat, without modification.

So rejoice! You can still eat gluten free and enjoy your favorite food porn. Check out the list below for the tastiest gluten free options from the latest in adult foodie entertainment. Then go to your local independent bookstore 😉 and pick up a copy!

Favorite GF (or easily gluten-freed) recipes from October 2013 Bon Appetit:

Main dishes

Right of the bat, the Portuguese Baked Eggs look incredible. The recipe says to serve with toasted crusty bread, but you could serve it on top of corn chips (almost like chilaquiles) or with creamy polenta or polenta cakes. For a dairy-free version, you could substitute firm silken tofu or this soy and dairy free alternative.  Then, holy mama, that Caramel Chicken. Looks so good. Just make sure you use wheat-free Tamari  And they call for serving with rice – perfect! On the fish side, we have Cod with Lemon, Green Olive, and Onion Relish, which just seems too good to be true.

Duck Confit with Spicy Pickled Raisins sounds like a recipe that would be a lot of work. It is. But, lawdy, does it look tasty.

Then there’s the coconut Feature: three fantastic-looking recipes that are all naturally gluten and dairy free! Coconut Quinoa, Collards with Toasted Coconut (just make sure you use Tamari wheat-free soy sauce), and a Coconut-Blueberry Smoothie. This last recipe  is not online but uses unsweetened coconut milk in place of dairy usually found in smoothies.

For this month’s side dishes, we have the absolutely stunning Crispy Potato Cake with Garlic and Parsley as well as Leeks en Cocotte. As the French would say, Yummo!  (Did I get that right?)

Two incredible sweets to end the night, including a Roasted Pear Crumble. If you trust them (some people don’t) buy GF oats for this recipe. Or just use unsweetened dried coconut flakes – toast them along with the nuts. We haven’t vetted this, but if you need a recipe for dairy-free marscapone, here’s one used in a Tiramisu.  And for a small sweet treat, try these Rose Water Marshmallows.

Wait, did I say end the night already?  Without mentioning cocktails?  Never!  Check out this Dark Moon. Crazy! Try substituting coconut milk for heavy cream for a dairy free version. And finally, Bloody Beers. It looks so darn tasty that you might just be tempted to try using a GF beer for this. Make the Spicy Pickled Green Beans and Fennel to accompany it and you’ve turned spicy beer into a fancy drink!

There are lots more gluten-free dishes, especially main dishes, in this issue, so be sure to check it out!


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